Reliable equipment. Experienced operators.

Wither’s owns a unique fleet of well maintained, reliable and up-to-date equipment. We operate a total spectrum of oilfield transportation equipment consisting of about 100 power units and 170 trailers, but we’re most proud of the people who operate our equipment.


  • Picker’s from 12 ton to 36 ton capacity
  • Picker unit with deck winch is capable of working as both a picker and a winch tractor
  • Beds from 310” to 360”
  • Winch tractors - tandems and tri drives
  • Winchless tractors
  • Air ride lowboys
  • Air ride hi-boys
  • Jeeps- single axle, tandem, and 16 wheel
  • Boosters- 8 and 16 wheel
  • 40 wheel combination
  • 48 wheel combination
Yard Equipment:
  • Articulating loaders
  • Pettibone carry lift
  • Bobcat
The Pettibone loader specializes in the handling of materials delivered via rail.